05 December 2015

Now In Lego

For a while now I've thought that Lego mini-figs were ideal for marking your character in GURPS.

They fit perfectly in a 1" hex and are nearly infinitely customizable.  Especially with accessories from places like Brickarms.

Remember Robert Jenkins?

I can even get the smily face rattle!

The head and torso are from the box.  Gun, vest and boonie hat are Brickarms stuff from GI Brick.  The snake body is from ebay and is originally from a Ninjago kit.

Robert should be packing an FAL, but nobody makes a Lego version.  Or a MAG.  No FN guns at all.

An early draft of this character was humping a pig, so that's what the Lego version gets.

Plus you can make little diorama vignettes.


  1. Lego figs for GURPS are fantastic for meatspace games. Fortunately or unfortunately I run everything online these days, but I'm always on the lookout for people selling off old lego collections so I have more parts to work with to build characters and maps to use them in. Having a game map in 3d makes it easier for players to tell exactly what needs to be done to use various things as cover/concealment, too. Use one of the tiny hex flat pieces as a base to stand on and you even get the hex facings. Combined with the range ruler you don't even need a hex grid for tactical combat.

    If I could get a Lego virtual tabletop like Roll20, I would be a happy GM, especially if custom pieces are available.

    1. I've a dream, and a goal, to build a mini-fig scale Beowulf class Free Trader for Traveller.

      Prolly be 4' long...


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