17 December 2015


I am getting extremely fed up with, "well immigration is fucked so we might as well give up," from several so-called conservative commentators on the internet.

Not conservative at all, really.

Open border libertarian anarchist actually fits better, with a veneer of conservative.

I do so love how they equate mass deportation as the most extreme thing we could do about illegal aliens.  Not even close, Buttercup.  Outright murder of anyone we find with even a hint of a suntan would be the most extreme thing that could be done.

But we don't need to give up, nor resort to mass murder.

First we have to admit that the nation-state model is one that is time-tested and works and admit that internationalism doesn't.

Once you've done that, a lot of the multi-culti BS falls away.  It lets you close the borders with the military, if you have to, and not feel guilty about it.

It admits and embraces that a nation has a duty to its citizens and doesn't owe such rights and privileges to foreigners at all.  It might grant limited privilege to foreigners via a visa and passport, but it's not guaranteed.  It forces the nations on your borders to solve their own problem rather than pawning it off on you.

It demands that anyone who comes to stay not only becomes a citizen, but adopts our culture and embraces our values.  That includes learning and speaking our language.

Once you wrap your head around that much of the rest is easy.  Illegal aliens simply aren't eligible anything paid for by the taxpayers; even if they are paying taxes themselves.  The nation-state owes nothing to them because they are not citizens and are present illegally.

This simple change eliminates quite a huge incentive to come to America in the first place.  It eliminates much of the reason for them to remain here.

It doesn't affect those who come here illegally for a small wage and who don't do anything but work like the slaves they are.

The second thing we'd have to do is attack this at the source, the employers.  No illegal hiring, no illegal workers.  Make it easier to hire and retain citizens.  I know there's citizens that will do the work, because every time immigration busts a place and they're forced to hire Americans, the line goes around the block with applicants.

But at the core, a business hiring an illegal alien is breaking the law.  Why aren't they punished?  When the people who make the decision to hire illegals see a penalty for breaking the law, they might stop breaking the law!  Give them incentives to obey and suddenly people become law abiding.

If we really look honestly at the real reasons that businesses like agriculture hire illegals we're going to find the head, neck and shoulders of the government camel in the tent and learn that after you comply with all the regulations (which are enforced) there's no money to economically hire American workers because of all the attendant and stupid regulations attached to such hires (which are enforced if you hire Americans but ignored if you don't).

This only seems hard because there's people who despise the nation-state model and hate America in turn who are repeating the big lie that it's complicated over and over.

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