07 December 2015

EOTech Refund

Apparently L3 has decided to refund the purchase price for any EOTech RMA'd and requesting it.

Harvey loves her 552, but the reticule has shown some dimness and we're on the third battery compartment now.

This is her home defense carbine and I'd feel better if a more dependable optic was gathering dust in her safe.

We've never seen the problem described for such optics, but it's not difficult to get more than 122 degrees in the back of the car in the hot Florida sun.

I've submitted my request for my January 2008 purchase price.  We'll see how that goes.

If you want to make the same attempt:

Go to EOTech's main page.
Click on "Service & Support" in the red bar near the top of the page.
Click on "Return Authorization Request Form" in the drop down menu.

It should take you to this page.

Fill out the form.

People have gotten refunded by simply saying, "I want a refund" in the "Description of Failure" box.  Indicated my purchase price and date too.

If they cut me a check, I can see an Aimpoint PRO or ACO in Harvey's future.

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