02 December 2015

Climate Change Is Fraud

How do you tell?

The people who tell us how serious the crisis is, don't act particularly concerned about it.

Air Force One gulped down (using average fuel consumption) 29,460 gallons of jet-fuel in the 8 hour 11 minute (average DC to Paris travel time) so that President Obama could lecture us on how serious the threat of climate change was.

58,920 gallons for the round trip.

I use approximately 500 gallons of (premium) gasoline a FUCKING YEAR for the "gas guzzling" Corvette...  But it's MY lifestyle that's destroying the planet?

128,100 BTU per gallon of jet fuel... 7,547,652,000 BTU for the trip.

My annual electric bill comes in at 59,780,721.56 BTU.  Vette, 57,000,000 BTU.  Harvey's Civic, 77,064,000 BTU.

193,844,721.6 BTU annually compared to the energy expended to send one person to Paris for a day to lecture me on how much energy I am using and how it is generated.  He used almost 39 years the energy I consume getting to Paris and back!

Yes, it's clearly ME that's the problem here.

I will start taking climate change seriously when the people who advocate most strongly for it start acting like they're taking it seriously.

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