03 December 2015

PAP M59/66A1 'Portia'

This is Portia, in keeping with naming my guns with girl's names.  Her last three digits of her serial are 926, which reminds me of Porsche, which sounds like Portia...

It's more amusing if you've memorized "A Fish Called Wanda".

The sharp eyed will notice that this is not the same rifle as pictured earlier.  As I mentioned, Marv is generous and I borrowed enough to buy a crate (what do I need a soul for anyway?).  Except SOG was out of crates.  But I got a crate's worth of rifles!

I have just guaranteed that there will be no successful attempt to ban such guns, as anything I own doesn't climb in value.  But I cannot ignore that these were $59 rifles once and merely $250 rifles a mere five years ago.  With Mosins around $300 and climbing...  This is an investment more than anything else.

This was the oldest gun of the ten.  Acceptance date in the log-book is November 24, 1970.  These log books are full of information that would be wonderfully useful, if I could read Serbian.  Not that it matters most of the time since most of the entries aren't written legibly.  Of note, though, is the "depreciation" entry and this gun shows 0%.  This lot has a spread of 0% to 80% "depreciation" and one translation I've found says that "Procenat nagriženosti" means "percentage to corrosion" not "percent of depreciation".  A gun with a stated 70% has a bright, shiny, pitted bore about halfway from the muzzle end.

PAP stands for Poluautomatska puška, which simply means "semiautomatic rifle".  Being made in Yugoslavia makes it an M59 instead of an SKS.

The grenade launcher muzzle...

These ports were part of the muzzle device from 1967 through 1972 and are omitted in later production guns.
...and gas shut-off...

The shut-off button also locks the grenade sights down.

...and grenade sights...

...makes it an M59/66.

And these (now dead) phosphorescent "night sights"...

...make it an M59/66A1.

All took apart.
Contents of the cleaning kit.  About useless since the cleaning rod is WAY too short.
The ten round magazine...

...is loaded with...

10 round clips!

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