22 December 2015


If you live within 10 miles of a large university, it's probably giving you brain cancer.

Run for the hills if you can!
[T]he sushi rice was undercooked in a way that was, according to one student, "disrespectful" of her culture. Tomoyo Joshi, a junior from Japan, was highly offended by this flagrant violation of her rice. "I f people not from that heritage take food, modify it and serve it as 'authentic,' it is appropriative," she said.
Isn't stopping you from appropriating a western education though, is it?

For fuck's sake, if you want it the way Mom cooked it, you're going to have to have Mom cook it.  There's no substitute.

But the real issue is far deeper.

If you go looking to be offended, you will find offense.  That's what they're doing here.

The people making the rice aren't attempting to insult Japanese heritage, they're making food for hundreds in a western style kitchen.  They probably have to boil the rice rather than steaming it because a rice steamer is a single use item, where a big ass pot is multi-use.

But if we're going to be offended at foreign cultures being insulting to our foods by appropriating them and preparing them in a disrespectful way...  Japan, you're the first one in line for most offenses and we don't even have to leave the hamburger category to get you there.

I've got a hell of a solution to this "problem".  American food, all day, every day.  Then WE can protest your presence in our country for appropriating OUR food.

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