29 December 2015

Range Weapon Fail

While I chide the Marines on their insistence for using known distance and long range riflery...

At least they grok that a rifle is a distance weapon.

I've been half shopping for a carbine class...

Luckily, there's lots of them to choose from and so far their own websites and videos are enough to save me money.  If I'd spent money to attend such idiocy, I'd be pissed and I'd have a gun...

There's such an astonishing emphasis on CQB in some of these places you start to wonder "why no bayonets?"

And if you're in hand-to-hand with a loaded rifle, you have failed as a user of a ranged weapon.  If you're at pistol ranges, it could be said you've failed as a rifleman.

I understand that circumstances can get out of hand, but these classes seem aimed at JUST the hand to hand aspects, and have doctrines explaining why your gun sucks and you should feel bad based on how well the magazine design aids in arm bars!!!

If your instructor is telling you to how to pick your distance weapon based on its hand-to-hand characteristics, stop listening to them immediately and seek wiser council for a firearms instructor!!!

It's akin to making a decision on what sword to buy based on how well it's balanced for throwing.

By the way, if you're planning on using your rifle primarily as a hand-to-hand weapon, may I suggest something from World War One?

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  1. The Model 1917 Enfield in 30-06 has, I believe, retired the "Rifle as hand to hand weapon" trophy (More commonly known as The Facesmash Cup.) after clearing all lanes (Except that pesky "Light and Handy".) for 99 years running.


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