02 December 2015

Lovingly Drowned In Cosmoline

It's a Zastava Poluautomatska puška M59/66A1.  Also known as a Yugo SKS.

My first gun in the dreaded 7.62x39mm.  According to the log book that came with it, it was manufactured on October 31, 1973.  Halloween is about my favorite holiday, so this ROCKS!

It cleaned up nicely.

With pig-sticker deployed.

Ready to launch rifle grenades.

She's not a svelte lightweight at all.  9 lb. 12.8 oz. loaded.  By the way, there was almost 3 oz. of cosmoline in her when I unboxed.  That's a LOT of cosmoline!

By the way, MAJOR thanks to Marv for bankrolling my gun habit while these things were on sale for Black Friday.

I've also discovered that the front sight is wider than standard.  I had to open up the slot in my sight tool to turn them.


  1. Hey, congratulations! That's a nice looking SKS. Obviously, you've seen her a lot closer up than this, but it sure doesn't look even remotely like "Iron Curtain Surplus" in these shots.

    I never got to shoot it, but my Appleseed instructor had a Yugo SKS that he was really happy with.

    1. It doesn't look like it spent much time at the range, let alone under the less-than-tender care of a soldier.

      There's a theory that lots of guns went into depot storage straight from the factory and were only taken out for inspection occasionally.

      I have a log book that came with it and I'm slowly trying to translate it on Google Translate. Hard slog.


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