11 December 2015

Optical Observation

I am going to bet that most of us, when we buy a scope for a gun; it the scope that gun gets and few people buy more than one scope per gun.

But lots of gun reviews seem to be swapping scopes around like they come one per box of ammo.

And it's not the cheap stuff either.  They do the 500 yard test on Night Force, then when they do the "close in" shooting at 200 yards an ACOG magically appears.

On one hand, the picatinny rail and modern mounts that keep the zero, swapping scopes is something that's possible now that just wasn't 20 years ago.

On the other hand, scopes and mounts cost money.  Money that some people don't have; or gets pissed away on other things.  Like another gun.

On the gripping hand, I trend towards general purpose rather than specialized, so I prefer something that is OK at most things rather than excellent at one thing and sucking at all the rest.

Additionally, spare glass takes up space, is awkwardly shaped and weighs something.  Lugging it out in the woods would probably get old fast.  I think where it could really shine is where your needs are radically different from trip to trip and you can put the tailored scope for that need beforehand with a simple flick of a lever and have the confidence that your gun is still zeroed.

Technology is amazing, no?

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