14 December 2015

Brick Arms Update

William Jenkins, an Orc from an alternate earth where the Confederate States of America won and orcs filled the role of the negro, in Lego.

Robert Jenkins, a snake-chimera from an alternate earth where the Trinity test at White Sands opened up a hellstorm which dumped magic as fallout over the world.  An alt of an alt, actually.  Robert is from the USA, joined the Army to escape the rather severe discrimination against chimera-kind in the US and served in Vietnam.  After Vietnam, not wanting to return to America, he enlisted in the Rhodesian army.

Both figures have been updated since last show.  Added hex-bases to make facing clear.  Changed guns around to be more accurate to the character sheets.  BrickArms doesn't make an FAL so the "HAC" is as close as you can get.

The hex base is even 1" across flats, standard GURPS size!  It's like they're encouraging us to use mini-figs to replace our old lead figures!

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