08 January 2017


A while back I had plans to convert Agnes from the Axis style detachable magazine to Savage's Premium DBM style.

While the Premium DBM magazines are more expensive than the Axis style, they're supposed to be better.

The more I look at it, the less sure I am of that claim.  Because the difference between the two magazines is the floor plate.  They use the exact same body, spring and follower.

The difference in the floor plate is because they use different means of latching.

The Axis has the plastic hook, the Premium has a notch and the latch is a lever on the gun.

I've been mulling it for a while and noticed something at five stocking Savage dealers.

The only Premium DBM magazines they have are in the guns they're selling with them.  But they have spare Axis mags in abundance.

Even if the Axis latch is a fragile piece of crap, I can buy three replacement magazines for what the conversion costs, and I can actually buy replacement magazines at the local stores on short notice in the case of a breakage.  If they ever fix their web page, you can even buy replacement floor plates too.

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