11 January 2017

That Was Me

Yesterday there was another accident at a busy, light controlled, intersection near here.

The same intersection The Lovely Harvey was rear-ended at.

I'm sitting there waiting for the debris to be cleared with a deputy standing next to my driver's side window.

I roll down the window and say to the deputy, "You know what would stop accidents from happening here?  They should put in a light!"

The deputy got nailed by the grenade joke.

A common refrain at county commission meetings on our two main roads after an accident is that a light would have prevented it (often when a light clearly would have had no effect).

So, fellow residents of my county, I apologize for rendering a deputy unfit for duty for several minutes.


  1. We've got one out here WITH a light, still has highest accident rate in the city... sigh

    1. This one has had a light for as long as I've lived here. It's poorly timed and since they "improved" the intersection you can't see around the corners.

      Unsurprisingly to me, accidents have gone up.

      Poorly timed lights just encourage the problem and we have a county commission that takes the position that "why is it called a stop light if we don't make you stop at every single one?" So people push the speed limits and yellow lights out of frustration and knowing that they're going to be planted for minutes at the light they catch red.


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