07 January 2017

End All Beat All

The TM and FM I posted earlier, I notice, tell you to tap the forward assist to make sure the gun weapon is loaded bolt is seated when loaded.

I also notice that the Air Force doesn't require it.

That probably stems from the Air Force, like the Marines, seeing no need for such frippery (unlike the Marines) got their own version of the M16.

Both Stoner and Sullivan were of the opinion that the forward assist was unnecessary.

The Army insisted on it, though, and the Marines got told they were getting the same weapon as the Army.  Don't worry, they got their revenge with the M16A2 and made the Army accept a lot of features they didn't want.

I am of the same opinion as Stoner and Sullivan about that forward assist, the only time I'd ever used it to keep the gun functioning was with blanks on a really worn out M16A1 in OSUT.  The majority of the times I've mashed that thing have been when instructed to in order to pass a drill.

Those manuals also still teach S.P.O.R.T.S.  Which turned out worse than useless for clearing the most common jam that happened to us; a double feed.  That was caused by the well worn black-follower 30-rounders.

With the magazine being the prime culprit, we were much better served by an immediate action that consisted of locking the bolt to the rear then ripping out the magazine.  It doesn't lend itself to a good mnemonic acronym though.  It was also not endorsed by TRADOC.

I'm perfectly willing to endorse different ways of doing things against the official word if they work.  I am flat refusing to accept the explanation "because I said so" from someone who is not paying me as the reason for doing it that way.


  1. Dude, are you STILL going on about this?

    1. I have to, nobody is bothering to explain it.

    2. Because it's really inconsequential and not worth getting mad about?

    3. Exasperated is more the emotion, not mad.


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