05 January 2017

Letter To The Tallahassee Strain Of Congress Critter

This is someone from Arfcom's letter to his critters about the upcoming legislative session of our state congress.
Dear Fellow Floridians,

Although open and campus carry may cause discomfort between us, please consider whether discomfort alone warrants the restriction of an activity. Who is carrying, what and how are they carrying, and why are they carrying are all justified questions. Perhaps we can bridge the gap between our perceptions.

Who: The current proposals expand open carry to the people we already trust with concealed carry. As issues with concealed carry licensees have not shown themselves to be a societal problem, we hope the “who” of the equation is palatable.

What and how: These proposals do not change the weapons that licensees may carry; the manner in which they choose to carry may change. While open carry at the grocery store may be discomforting, at least at first, we believe the calm, polite, and friendly manner in which licensees currently conduct themselves will continue.

Where: The proposals reduce the number of places carry is prohibited. In an ironic way, if people see others carrying in the grocery store, they may become more comfortable with carry in other places as well. In any event, licensees conducting themselves in their usual calm demeanor should not alarm their fellow citizen.

Why: If licensees choose to carry openly over concealed, their reasons might be as varied as for owning a firearm in the first place. We are under the impression that licensees are generally good, law-abiding folks and will continue to carry for good, lawful reasons.

Police officers’ jobs: Police officers would have easier jobs if they didn’t have to get a warrant to enter a house, but we hold privacy dear enough to justify the process. Likewise, we believe the choice between open and concealed carry is important enough to justify a potential increased challenge to police officers. Other states’ police departments have adjusted without massive attrition or resentment.

Sheriff and college administration dissent: We appreciate the thoughtfulness these types of leaders employ in their service and positions respectively, but hold the people, through the legislative process, as the authority on these matters. We believe each individual has the right to choose to carry, and in what capacity, and that no individual should have the power to restrict the other’s right to do so.

Please consider the opportunity for licensed individuals to carry both concealed and openly by supporting these initiatives. If by chance doing so is a mistake, we can always change the law in the future. Thank you.

 That's beautiful!


  1. 2 random questions, totally asking for a friend:
    1: Does Florida have rules on evil assault rifles? (bullet button, max mag size, etc)
    2: What's the income tax in FL?

    1. 1. Florida rules for evil baby killing assault rifles are whatever the Feds come up with and there's a state preemption on what the subsidiary governments can pass.

      2. What is "state income tax"? Still have those pesky Federal taxes though.


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