15 January 2017

In GURPS Terms

According to GURPS 4e translation of the GURPS 3e/R: Special Ops 3e...

Willard was once a 200+ point character.

I have to say, I'm impressed!

The template for a Ranger is 200 points by itself and his being an officer and attending SERE can be absorbed into the 20 optional points, with 6 left over for customization.

Just so he can cluck a bit when he reads this...  A tank crewman is a mere 85 point template.


In a 150 point campaign, someone recreating 1LT Chomps will have to find 50 points of disads to tack on.

Someone recreating SGT McThag doesn't have to find any considering there's 65 points of slack to play with.

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