17 January 2017

Made The Top 30 Three Times

10% of the "Most Dangerous Cities In The United States" are in Florida.

Miami, Orlando and St Petersburg.

They've something in common with Chicago... Democrats in charge (not! See below).

Unlike Chicago, St Pete has been under Republican management recently.  Miami is under Republican management right now!

Orlando, on the other hand is presently under Democrat management.

It's of note that Pinellas County, where St Pete is located, went for Trump this time around.  Hillsborough County, where Tampa is located went for Hillary and Tampa did not make the top 30 for violence, and has had a Democrat for a mayor since 1986.

It's almost as if the crime problem can be independent of who's in the mayor's office.


  1. It's also a factor of the makeup of the city and outlying areas, amount of work available, AND people's willingness to work vs. live on entitlements.

  2. Current mayor of StPete is not a republican, previous was.

    1. "Has been under Republican management recently." Past tense.

      To distinguish it from crime ridden cesspools that have not had a Republican mayor in living memory.


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