31 January 2017


I was looking through a reprint of a Sears catalog and it listed ".30 Government" in the ammunition section.

An 1899 edition of the catalog, so it had to mean .30-40.  .30-30 is listed as .30 Winchester Centerfire.

I've got a book showing a Winchester add on one page talking about the Model 54 listing it in .30 Gov't and .30-40, not sure what year that ad is from.

Willard's Winchester Model 70 is stamped ".30 Gov't 06" for the caliber.

I like how .30 Government changes as the years change.  I'll bet if we hadn't gone metric with 7.62x51mm NATO, it'd be .30 Gov't too!

I noticed something like this before.

Colt 45 can mean either an M1873 revolver or an M1911 pistol (or Billy Dee Williams' favorite malt-beverage).

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