09 January 2017

Satanic Embrace

Ever since I got Agnes, Willard has been disapprovingly clucking at my choice of chambering.

Almost as if he feels that being a disciple of Jack O'Connor is something to be ashamed of!

Since .30-06 is God's Own Caliber (Old Testament) as opposed to .270 WCF being Satan's Own or something...

Really .280 Remington is Satan's caliber.



At any rate, he's been doing the not-so-subtle hinting that I should plunk down on something in an "American" caliber.  Apparently, New Haven, Connecticut was not on the continent of North America nor part of the United States in 1925.

He was there, he would know.

One of the local pawn shops has a Savage 111XP that's a plastic polymer synthetic version of Agnes, but in .30-06 for $450 list.  Same scope even.

A shop we've been avoiding for some reason (probably too easy to find a parking place, that's a bad sign for a gun shop) used to have a Winchester 670 in .30-06 for $400ish, but it's been a while so it's prolly fled by now.

I notice he never names a price on that Winchester 670A he got there.

Heck, Willard HAS a Winchester Model 70 (that he never conceal carries) he could just give me... but apparently mumble mumble belonged to his grandfather, mutter mutter sentimental value, growl growl HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT A PRE-64 GOES FOR?!?! 

I guess I will just have to suffer on in my Heresy.


  1. In the 50s some whining European was said to have cried out "Did God Himself give the Americans the 30 caliber?"

    The Answer, of course, is "Yes, He did."

    And, while there has been backsliding, some of us still honor that Covenant.

    Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara.

    1. Yes, but that was .30-30. Things were preverted from there.


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