19 January 2017

Some Sort Of Ism

Chelsea Manning will likely (continue) to receive better government paid healthcare after a dishonorable discharge than honorably discharged veterans with service connected disabilities.

Just because she used to be a he.

Heck, they were using up the Fort Leavenworth medical budget up on him -> him/her -> her and literally letting other inmates with life threatening conditions hang.

Two outrages in one.


  1. My take on transgenders is that they need to go into the sort of mental institution they had in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. I had to learn how to deal with the mentally ill as an orderly, and later on in real life, and one thing you never ever do is to go along with their delusions.

    1. That's an astonishingly close minded and bigoted position to take referencing that movie.

      Something that so many people miss about successful treatment of those who can be treated is you have to have, above all, COMPASSION. If you don't, then you shouldn't be anywhere near a patient. Ever. EVER.

      In Ideal World™ we'd wave our magic wands and the problem of the wiring not matching the plumbing would be instantly cured in the least invasive way possible.

      There's some people with gender issues that can be talked around into getting their wires aligned with the plumbing.

      There's some that cannot and no amount of therapy will ever fix it without also destroying their minds. For these people (note that term PEOPLE) the best we can do for them is surgery to make the plumbing as close to the gender the wiring has become locked to that we can.

      There's also people in between whose wiring is too locked to change to match the plumbing AND whom surgery is inappropriate.

      We get fooled into thinking that we can treat some things harshly because far too many people with psychological problems have First World Problems where telling them to grow up is, in fact, the cure.

      But that's not everyone with a problem. Not even close.

    2. I should add that in many trans cases that letting them dress as the gender they ID with and just going along with it takes care of 90% of the conflict. Remember, compassion.

      The "wiring" I refer to could be either hardware or software in conflict with the genetics that makes the plumbing.

      If it's hardware, then no amount of therapy can reprogram the software to convince the brain to accept the body it resides in.

      It seems pretty clear that Technomad has no actual experience or education with this issue. I know I have. I have friend who've gone through it, with a couple of outcomes. One managed to do the reprogram and become the man "she" didn't think he was. One who is coping nicely by dressing as the gender they see themselves as. One who did the Cuckoo's Nest route and killed herself. I lost track of the one who was in mid transition heading for surgery long before that was scheduled.


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