31 January 2017

Like A Moth To A Candle

Apex has Yugo M70B parts kits, with US barrels for $310.

NoDak has (periodically) Yugo receivers for $115.

Being a monkey-curious DIY type... this is the oooooh, shiniest of shinies!

Need a semi-auto trigger set too...

And I'd need to learn how to do rivets.

This is a lot more involved than doing an AR.


  1. "This is a lot more involved than doing an AR"

    And you can actually screw it up.

    1. I think you misspelled "You will screw it up."

    2. I have a barrel (with all the trimmings included), receiver, side folder stock, double hook trigger and Ultimak gas tube. They have been in the bottom of the closet for a long time. The rivet thing plain scares me.

      I might eventually sell it and buy me a 10/22

    3. The nice thing about rivets is if you mess one up, you cut off the head, pound it out and try again.

      They're like welding, don't do it for the first time on something you care about.

      I am seeing that the tools for doing the job right are more than the margin between the parts and an assembled gun though. To make it pay off you'd have to do more than one kit unless you're making a variation that simply isn't available.

    4. The other thing that worries me is the headspacing... which I know noyhng about.. It sounds like metallurgical alchemy.

      I think I am gonna gather the whole lot and sell it or trade it for a 10/22 or some inexpensive bolt action rifle.

    5. Headspace is simple... first you need a chicken...

  2. https://pics.onsizzle.com/building-an-ar-15-building-an-ak-41-8707029.png


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