23 January 2017

Context Is Everything

Long lost from my pile of gaming stuff is a "detailed" plan to blow up the White House.

The "detailed" floor plan is from National Geographic.

As the GM, I was responsible for the NPC's and their attack plan.

The players were to thwart the attack.

I think we were using the Top Secret rules at the time (which dates this "plan" pretty firmly).

The campaign never launched because my players rejected me as the GM for Top Secret.

They liked me better with Traveller and Twilight: 2000 in those days.

What's different between what I wrote and what Madonna said?


My White House attack was fictional from day one and was never intended as a real plan.

Madonna messed up by making it seem like she was making real plans.  Of course, her interview with the Secret Service will reveal it for the hyperbole it was.

But that might not save her from a Secret Service visit every time ANY president is in town and might just ban her from being around any president in the future.

Me?  I doubt the Service will come to chat with me.  My threat to the White House was as realized as any attack Tom Clancy carried out.

Of course, if the Secret Service does visit, well, I made this statement in public, didn't I?

So I should repeat, the notes are long gone.  My Mom tried to mail me my gaming stuff to me while I was in Germany and two of the five boxes did not make it.


  1. So those two boxes are in the hands of the Secret Service, then, perhaps...? LOL

    1. They've had like thirty years to make a case out of it if they took them. Prolly sold my copy of the original Deities and Demigods printed before all the copyright complaints.


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