23 January 2017

Pure Happenstance

Way back 15 years ago, The Boy indicated that he wanted a swing-set.

He indicated at Wal Mart or Home Depot that he wanted one of the cool wooden ones.

Being handy, Marv and I figured we could build one better than we could buy one.

It's still in use today!

When you're building your own swing-set, you need to find something to use for the seats.  I found some at a playground supply center just like you see in real gubmint owned places.  Of note was them saying they were designed in such a way so as to not be grabbed by the wind.

Not false advertising.  In category 2 hurricane winds, those seats don't budge.

As The Boy has gotten older the second seat has become less and less used.

The Lovely Harvey found a video of someone making a swing-chair out of an old pallet.

Being handy, Marv and I knocked that project out in an afternoon.

Last night we had some 25 knot winds from a storm.

That pallet-chair-swing wasn't moving any more than the swing seat that was designed to stay put.

I'd love to take credit for this aerodynamic miracle, but it was pure chance that we eyeballed the angle of the seatback and what angle the whole thing hangs at.

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