23 January 2017

Cost Plus Contract

Weaponsman led to a Legal Insurrection Post.

It appears that we're going to be paying SIG $207 per M17.

However, that's not what each gun is going to COST.


Because of all the money we pissed away getting to the decision point.

On the bright side, we're finally getting guns for our money instead of smoke and noise.  It is now $$$$/M17's rather than $$$$/0... and you can't divide by zero!

Frankly with all of the Lucy like withdrawals DoD made over pistol submissions I am surprised anyone bothered to bid at all for the contract with anything more than what's already on store shelves.


  1. It will be interesting to see how 'close' they stay to that cost...

    1. Due to unexpected instability at high angles of attack, not detected in the wind tunnel or models... each pistol will have to be redesigned and new software written...

      I mean, hey! it works for McBoeing and Lockmart.


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