21 January 2017

Squeaky Clean

Yesterday's visit from law enforcement underscores something I've long held.

I don't think hardly a person is arrested for a firearms violation as the reason they're dealing with the police.

In my case, they were looking the house over for The Boy, but all my guns are legal, so nothing happened.

I'm pretty certain they ran my name when I called The Boy missing, and likely Harvey as well.

I work pretty hard to keep my nose clean because I've seen what happened to former friends who didn't clean up their acts and remained in their nefarious lives.

Some of them don't have the life part.  Some of them are in prison.  Most of them just never go anywhere.

Even the ones who've managed to avoid the felony rap are going to get a stronger response from a cop seeing guns in their house than I got.

Because they are known to the cops already.  A couple of them are walking around free because although the cops know they're guilty, they cannot prove they're guilty.  They'd run all the guns serial numbers hoping for a hit.

Oh, by the way, the search of the house, the deputies ask permission to enter.  Wanna bet if I'd said, "no," that the warrant would have been more expansive than just looking for The Boy?  But once you've given permission for them to come in, they're free to act on anything criminal they find; a warrant limits the search to what's listed on it.

Step One to avoiding an ass-whupping from the police: Obey the law.

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