05 January 2017

Detail Strip

Today I tried to figure out why the the ugly one dropped the slide on magazine removal as well as insertion.

The problem really ends up being too few parts doing too many things.  The ejector, slide stop, and magazine disconnect are all the same part.  The spring which bears on it is also the magazine catch.

Now that I've detail stripped and cleaned everything up, I think that the spring has lost temper over the past 95 years.  Oh, and in the process I also managed to get the magazine disconnect working again!

It doesn't work with one of the magazines we have here.  It only works with the one that came with it, which appears to be an original Mauser mag.

The problem is in the right rear corner of the magazine of the aftermarket unit.  It's worn and rounded right where it needs to press up on the Swiss Army Ejector.  In effect, the gun doesn't think there's a magazine there.

The part doesn't look worn, and the aftermarket magazine works in the pretty one, I wonder if this, too, is tied to the spring being worn.  Can't get a new one, of course.

While discovering that the worn magazine works with the pretty one, I also discovered that it doesn't appear to have the magazine disconnect feature.  There looks to be a bit of filing on the area that should block the sear bar, but I'd really have to take them both completely apart and compare them side by side.


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