25 January 2017


Florida Carry has just put out that it's irresponsible for us to post what we've found out on our own if it disagrees with what they've found out.

They're nicer about it than that, but it's the core of it.

"Shut up and let the pros handle it" is the rudest way to paraphrase it.

It's not what they mean at all.

They're really saying to not go off half-cocked.

But you wanna know something?

I am sick of every single victory being measured in decades.

Open and campus carry has been on the agenda since 2010.

Seven years of pretty much the same thing.

Calm down.

Don't worry, we'll get it next year.

Sure thing, Lucy, I believe you this time.

The ONE time it's made it to the floor for a vote we WATCHED Marion Hammer and her minions going around the offices and talking to the staff and torpedoing the bill.  Despite her protests to the contrary, in fact.

Bills in committee are very much a place where if you're not for it, you're against it.

We have four Republican senators who are not for it.

OK, so I posted they're against it and Florida Carry says, "Thinking that legislators never change their minds about how to vote on a bill as the legislative process moves forward is nothing short of idiotic. Reporting that there are four republicans on the committee that are against the bill is blatantly FALSE."  But if they don't hear from us, why would they change their minds?

OK, let's talk about the four Democrats changing their minds about it then.  Can we?  Bet we can't.

If there's four Republican senators on this committee that support it, then why was SB140 pulled for lack of support from the committee?

You have, "There is one, perhaps two, republican Senate Judiciary Committee members that have not yet committed to support all portions of the original bill."  That means you have two who have come out to support it.  NAME THEM!

Name them so we can barrage the weak ones with letters, emails and phone calls.  Name them so we can thank the ones who support us.

Name them so that if they don't end up voting for this bill in committee we can punish them later.

Name them so we know they exist.

Get them on record so they cannot hide.  Stop providing them cover.

PS: calling us idiots for posting what we we've found out on our own is uncalled for.  It's not like you were keeping us up to date until we DID post what we'd found out; were you?  Thanks, you fucking assholes.

PPS: This is seven fucking years of this on the agenda with a Republican Governor and Republican supermajority in the state legislature.  My pessimism is more accurate than your platitudes and optimism so far.


  1. You've got a right to call 'em on it... over here we were able to get through campus carry and open carry last year... even though it is far from ideal legislation in that it still has too many exceptions, loopholes, gray areas, etc... But it is a start and it is much easier to whittle away the rough spots on a law that is passed than to try to pass something new.

    FWIW, we've got our own problem with RINOs here too... Mainly the house speaker who is a whiny, weasly little worm. But luckily eventually things can get forced past him, even if it does often take 2 or 3 tries to do it.

    1. Our imperfect and gray area gun law has been "stand your ground". Which would have actually been OK, but the courts started being activist on it, now in effect its not what it says so were back in the capital rephrasing it to say, "no shit we meant it to be opposite of what the state supreme court ruled it to say."

      Not for the last time, I fear.


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