04 January 2017

The Damage It Is Pathetic

Ball ammo for .25 ACP is a whopping 1d pi-.

If we're shooting a thug in a cotton shirt that gives 1-6 raw damage which will be cut in half, so 1-3 points of actual damage.

You can buy hollow-point ammo for it, which upgrades the damage type one step, so pi- becomes pi.  But it also adds an armor divisor of 0.5 which doubles the DR of actual armor and gives things that aren't armor DR 1.

Now we're shooting through a shirt that has DR 1.  So 0-5 raw damage penetrates and does 0-5 points of actual damage!

What about averages?  Ball does 2 and HP does 2.  Huzzah, hit 'em again!

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