25 January 2017


I'm on the contact list from Remington for the Model 700 et al settlement.

Considering that my sole Remington rifle is my Grandpa's Sportmaster... it's very odd.

The Remington 700 is a gun I've tried to love for a long time, but it just doesn't grab at my imagination.

Maybe it was my brief dalliance with that .458 Win Mag gun with the split stock I got in Boone for almost nothing that got me in "the list".  That gun was typical hot-rodder "great deal".  By the time I'd fixed the stock I was into it as much as just buying a gun in a caliber that I actually wanted.

Luckily I had a rhino-hide buddy who loved recoil who was willing to pay me more than I was into it.

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  1. I have to agree that for some reason the Rem 700, while I can respect it is a great rifle, has just never made me say "gotta have it" when I've played with one. Or for that matter I've never fondled one that seemed enough better than my much less expensive Savage 111 to make me buy it. I've actually been thinking about getting another bolt in .308 Win. Or maybe one in a big boomer cartridge like 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag or maybe even .338 Lapua. I know that a Rem 700 should be at the top of my list... but unless I get ambitious enough to try one of the 80% receivers out there my heart still leans another direction... probably another Savage.


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