23 January 2017

Lucy Is Bound To Let Us Kick The Ball Next Time!

Remember last year when it was just one recalcitrant Republican state senator refusing to let open/campus carry out of committee?

Well, now it's four (possibly five) nominally-Republican state senators in a different committee.

Senator Greg Steube(R) - Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and author of the bill.
Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto (R) - Vice Chair
Senator Anitere Flores (R)
Senator Rene Garcia (R)
Senator Debbie Mayfield (R)

These are the problem children this time.

Steube has pulled his bill from the committee because those four are anti-gun and they'd vote against it.

I want them to vote.

I want them on record opposing pro-gun legislation so that they cannot claim, next election, that they're with us.

But Steube is providing them the cover they need by pulling his bill.

And let's say we get those four replaced.  What will it be next time?  Will we recycle Marion Hammer making back-room deals to kill it like 2011?

You know what would end this crap is the Florida Republican party taking a page from the Democrats and if you don't toe the party line, you're not funded next election.  Of course that would also require the spineless fucks to make the party line, officially, pro-gun.

Which prolly has as much chance of happening as Charlie Brown kicking that football.


  1. Oh for f*** sakes's It is like we have to deal with Chavistas every single effing session.

  2. Debbie Mayfield is my senator. She campaigned as faithful, tireless defender of the second amendment. Time to shove that in her face.


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