04 January 2017

The most nuked place on earth.

Every crater in this picture was made by a nuke.  It's in Nevada.

Picture is a screen shot of a Google Maps satellite image.


  1. I would LOVE to see a radiation survey of that place.


    The number of people I know (including lefty relatives) who believe that any radioactive element with a very long half-life will kill you instantly is ... saddening. Unhappily, they also believe that an element with a very short half-life is dangerous for ever.

    A radiation survey of "the most nuked place on earth" would make excellent educational material.

  2. One thing this brings to mind is how utterly moronic the anti-nuclear power people are when they say we have no place to store low level radioactive waste. Umm... Hellloooo... Not like you are going to make that area any worse if you build a storage facility there. If there were groundwater it'd already be compromised. The only real concern would be to make sure the site is secure and to avoid any accidental criticalities (ask the Russians about that when it comes to disposing of low level waste).


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