09 January 2017

Is It Really So Hard

Something I just noticed about ordering from Primary Arms.

The package was shipped out the same day the label was created.

Ever since UPS Mail Innovations and FedEx Smartpost got started, it seems like places such as Brownells and Midway can't manage to get stuff out the door.

The label is generated the day after the order, it sits for at least a whole day then three to four days in transit to the USPS who take two to three days to get it to my door.  Six to eight days in reality.

If you look at the time estimates there's no difference between USPS Priority Mail, UPS Ground and UPS Mail Innovations.  But Priority Mail will do four days, and UPS Ground is five.  And they charge you like they're premium services too.

Last night I created the same order at Midway and Primary Arms.

Same price for the items ordered.

Midway wanted $7.59 for UPS Mail Innovations, $10.59 for UPS Ground, and $11.59 for USPS Priority Mail.

Primary Arms, on the other hand, wants $7.23 for UPS Ground and $8.13 for USPS Priority Mail.

Cheaper and faster?  Sign me up!

But at one time Midway was super fast too.  Something changed, and not for the better.

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