25 January 2017


A problem with odd colored gun stuff is they trend to unpopular.

I've the jones for a CAV-15 Mk II lower from GWACS in Zombie Green.

It's only a bit more than $200 but other things keep coming up, or it's not as high in the wants list as other things.

I suspect that the green will be going away soon since the zombie craze is running out.

One reason for my delaying was the lack of a zombie green handguard to match it.

It appears that Magpul will finally be releasing sand colored furniture this year and I've got a good formula for that green to dye them.

Now I just need the money to coalesce.


  1. I also need a zombie green handguard. I've got most of the other furniture in various shades of zombie.

    Will they be doing a zombie green M4 compatible stock?

    1. Magpul says they're doing the MOE line of furniture in the sand color. Eventually.

      The sand is nearly white and suitable for dyeing. I posted a recipe.


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