11 January 2017

To Dye For

Marv and I are going to attempt to dye some PMAG Gen M3 (MAG557-SND) magazines in various colors.

First there was this article for inspiration.

Rit has their own guide, which will likely not be quite right because of material being dyed and its natural coloration.

I'm going for a match to the Freedom 15 purple lower I made and a Zombie Green against a future pour.  Besides, zombie green magazines stored in my zombie ammo box get a hit and damage bonus when used on actual zombies.

It's science, I checked with FuzzyGeff and his copy of GURPS: Zombies.  Can't refute that!


Borrowing FuzzyGeff's upper for the shot, here's a "before" picture with a magazine still in its sand color.

I need to save some pennies and finish the plastic lower project.

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