16 January 2017

Gee Gaws Revisited

All the multitudinous things for the AR that make every control easier to use bemuses me because FAL.

Forward assist?  These are words you are just making up!

Charging handle?  You're right handed, right?

Selector?  How long are your thumbs?

Bolt catch?  Thag strong!

Magazine release?  Thag still strong!

Plus rock and lock magazine into a tight mag-well.  Thag persistent!

The best battle rifle ever made is not near as easy as a bone stock M16A1 on controls, and there's damn little you can do about it too.  The best rifle ever designed is defined as the rifle that worked when you absolutely needed it to and never didn't. The worst rifle ever designed is defined as the rifle that failed when you absolutely needed it, if even only once.

You might notice this definition is AS BIASED AS ALL FUCK a mite subjective.

I'd explain why my best rifle is an FAL but it's not a very exciting story and it boils down to a single event that while exciting and interesting to me... is actually a tawdry footnote about the end of the Cold War.

Willard, on the other hand, will talk your ear off all day about what a great rifle the FAL is.  He's right!  His experience is broader, sharper, and more interesting.

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