06 January 2019

2019 ATF Photo


  1. What make and model of lever guns? You know you just can't toss a picture like that out without labelling it, right?

    And you might as well tell the drinkers and smokers those brands, too, please.

    1. EMF Hartford model '92 in .357 Magnum. Marlin model 30AS in .30-30.

      Ghurka Habano 2000 cigar.

      Siesta Key Beer Barrel spiced rum Batch 15 and Moxie.

    2. Danke. How does the EMF shoot?

    3. Not bad. It's Harvey's gun, so I only get to shoot it if I've been very very good.

    4. Heh. Know that one. Honey, can I shoot your gun? No. Okay then....

  2. Hey Angus;

    Love the "Order of the Stick" zombie mug


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