18 January 2019

Every Car Guy Knows

The reason I don't own a 10mm ACP gun is because of hard experience with 10mm and wrenching.

You go to the tool box and there's no 10mm socket.  Not in 3/8ths, not in 1/4.

Most of the time you can find the combination wrench after a search.

Now, why would I want a gun that's just going to go missing when I need it?


  1. That analogy is awesome.
    My personal solution to the 10mm wrench problem is redundancy. Right now there are 3 10mm combination wrenches, 4 or 5 10mm sockets and a couple of 10mm specialty wrenches in my toolbox plus 3 10mm wrenches in my motorcycle tool roll. I have a similar number of 13mm since I mostly work on Euro stuff and Ford's.

  2. And my experience is the opposite, although I appreciate the joke.

    I have at two 10mm sockets in 3/8 drive, one 10mm socket in 1/2 drive and 1 open end wrench. All are surprisingly easy to find.

    1. I actually haven't lost one since I stopped helping "certain" friends with their car projects.

  3. They should sell 10mm and 9/16" sockets in 10 packs.

  4. So I guess you got no reason not to own 8mm firearms... There's 8x57 Mauser, 8x56R Hungarian and an old favorite, 8mm Nambu! After all the Type 94 Nambu is one of the most highly acclaimed handguns of all time. Or something like that.


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