21 January 2019

Goodness But We're A Generous Lot

I'm seeing business after business offering discounts and deals for furloughed government employees and their families.

Americans are a generous people.

Who else would offer to help a class of folks who normally only exist by, nearly literally, stealing the food from our tables and money from our pockets?  People who, after that theft, return nothing of value to society at all.

We can tell their worth by how their absence from their jobs is affecting our daily lives.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Angus;

    I remember when I lost my job and others like me due to the crappy policies passed by "our betters" in D.C. and we were told to "deal with it" or it is "the new normal". I am not feeling the love for the federal employees. There has been no budget passed since 2006 and there have been several shutdowns and they will get their money...they are temporarily "inconvenienced" not laid off or fired like us regular people. Like I said, I am not feeling it.


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