13 January 2019

Picking Up Speed

CMP has, week over week, managed to speed up from 80 requests for payment to around 160 in the past week.

If they keep at the 160 a week pace then I will get the call in early Feb.

It's getting exciting!

And scary.

No reply from my inquiry about finding my old issue pistol.  I can't find it, but I recall they once said there would be no requests for serials in the 1911 sale.  C'est la vie if so.

Barring getting 1164935, I'd be pleased as punch to get a Colt frame, Remington-Rand slide like my old gun was.  There've been some pictures posted of some matching Colts that put the condition of Marv's to shame.

He's indicated he'd be jealous if I got one of those.

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