10 January 2019

Wrote An Email

I would like you to support Representative Hill's HB 175.

The report on the Parkland shooting says much of what was passed in last years SB 7026 would have done nothing to stop the shooter and will be ineffectual to prevent future shootings.

We'd be better served with less gun-control and with more good-guys with guns who will actually act in response to such horrifying situations.

A bill which puts a legal responsibility to act on school resource officers would do far more for student safety than punishing innocent gun owners.

The long list of local government officials and law enforcement professionals who, at best, nothing to stop the shooting from places of safety and, at worst, enabled the shooter by not enforcing existing laws in the years leading to the shooting is a list of people who should suffer some form of punishment.

That Sheriff Israel is still the sitting sheriff after such an abject failure in his duty to his community is telling; but that the SRO, Scott Peterson, who cowered outside while the students in his charge were murdered is still eligible for his generous retirement benefits is appalling!

That we cannot expect SRO's to be compelled to do the task they were explicitly hired to do is unbelievable.  Yet, it is so.

Since we do not conscript law enforcement personnel, it's high time we demand that they are required to do their duty.  To be the heroes they constantly tell us they are.

Thank you for your time.
She's avoiding her local office.

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