24 January 2019

You Didn't Seem To Being Doing Such A Bang Up Job Before

The FBI Agents Association, which advocates for 14,000 active and former FBI Special agents, also released a report earlier this week of grievances from FBI employees, including one who said the shutdown “has eliminated any ability to operate.”

 Compared to what?

From all of the obvious crimes from the Obama Administration, I think we're finally paying a fair price for the services we've been receiving from the FBI.

I hope you fucks starve to death.  In the cold.  With an incurable and painful disease.


  1. "...the shutdown 'has eliminated any ability to operate.'"

    If "ability to operate" is a synonym for "sending people to prison based on badly flawed and unscientific forensic analysis", then I'm with you: let the buzzards freeze in the dark.

    Anyone remember "comparative bullet-lead analysis"? Wasn't that fun?

  2. While I wouldn't go as far as you, I will agree that they Bureau has been severely tainted by their misdeeds and is fast shedding their former reputation that they no longer deserve.
    While I'm sure there are still good agents there, they seem to do a good job at hiding them!

  3. I'm seeing things about how the poor, poor TSA can't operate. Gee, you mean it'll be possible for people to travel by air without having to get to the damn airport hours and hours before their plane's scheduled to leave? Oh, what a disastrophe that would be!


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