16 January 2019

Do I Wanna Get Back On This Treadmill

I've long been a fan of flight sims.

I've spent many long hours buzzing the virtual towers.

Chuck Yeager's Air Combat, several iterations of Falcon, Navy Fighters, Strike Fighters...  Microsoft's Flight Simulator in lots of versions...

The bug is starting to bite again for DCS or Digital Combat Simulator.

Literally "The Bug" because the F/A-18C is one of the modules.  The F-14A and F-14B are very close to being released.  It also has something of a sim unicorn for me, the SAAB AJS-37 Viggen.  If it had the F-4 Phantom and F-8 Crusader I would already have sold a kidney to get it.

It looks absolutely stunning in the videos I've been watching of others playing it.

It has a lot more fidelity than Strike Fighters because it's a study sim instead of a survey sim.

Getting DCS would mean a new machine with a lot more smoke.  I think I'd also want to get some virtual reality in the form of an Occulus Rift.  The reviews are consistent about how much they improve situational awareness.

My current stick, throttle and pedals will serve, but I'd be wanting an expensive upgrade to those in short order I am sure.  If for no other reason than they're starting to wear out.

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