03 January 2019

I Think I Gave It A Fair Shake

I think I am going to be looking to trade in my M&P 9 for a Glock.

There's a lot I like about the pistol, but I just can't get it to shoot as well as I shoot virtually any other 9mm.

The Gen5 Glock 17's are looking pretty darn sexy and I already have a Gen2.  I seem to recall that the newer guns need different magazines than the older ones (or not).


  1. They need newer ones if you want to use the ambi mag release. If you're cool dumping them with your right hand, then no worries

    1. I think I found my answer.

      Magazines with one cut on the right work in any gun with a right-handed release.

      To use the left hand release you need the one with a cut on the left.

      The center cut is for a truly ambi release that is typically only seen on the G21SF in the states, so wouldn't apply to Glock 17 plans.

    2. That's my understanding also. I have heard, but not seen demonstrated, that a few of the OLD Glock mags won't just drop free from the new Glocks.

  2. The triggers are certainly better. Honestly the HK VP9 is the first pistol they've made that was worth the street price.


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