16 January 2019

Caliber Matching

In The Old West it was relatively common to see someone's rifle and revolver in the same caliber.

You can do the same thing today!

Willard's got a Rossi model 92 in .44 Magnum and a couple of .44 Revolvers.

The Lovely Harvey has a model 92 and a Peacemaker clone in .357 Magnum.

Marvyn is eyeing a 92 in .357 and we're sure to guilt cajole him into a .357 revolver of some stripe as well.  Perhaps an Astra just to be really strange?


I want my brace to be in .45 Colt.  The problem is what lever gun will go best with my SAA and Anaconda?

Model 73's and 92's are readily available.  So are clones of the old Colt Burgess.  Marlin 1894?  Maybe a Spencer?  Or a Lightning pump-action...

Or go all modern and get it in 9mm?  A 9mm CAR-15 sounds like fun.

There is a plethora of choices and I have GURPS stats for all of them...


  1. I have 2 caliber matched sets. My 94 and.... well, a butt ton of .38 and .357 revolvers...

    And a new model Ruger PC Carbine with a G17 and a G19. The Ruger takes the same mags as my Glocks, and it shot into the front sight at 70 yards, right out the box. I haven't shot it beyond 70 due to range length limits, but it will ring steel at that distance with boring regularity. If you decide to lean toward the 9mm option, you could do a lot worse than the PC Carbine, and spend a good bit more than the 5 and a half bills it cost.

    1. It's just so damn ugly! I'm considering the Ruger, but I think I want to wait to see if Magpul makes a sexier stock down the road.

    2. I hear ya. My brother says the same thing. I see it a lot like I see Glocks. The form factor may not be pleasing, but the damned thing works so well that its attractive based solely on functionality.

  2. How about the M1 Carbine and the Ruger revolver in .30 Carbine. I hear the pistol is a real flamethrower.

    1. I always wanted one of those AMT semi-auto .30 Carbine pistols. Interesting grip feel though.

    2. Oh, yeah. I have the Ruger revolver, and have been looking for the right M1 Carbine to go with it.

      (As an IT professional, I really want one of the M1 Carbines made by IBM, because reasons.)

      I've also been sort of considering a lever gun in .44-40, since I have a S&W 544. Although if I'm being honest with myself, I don't want to shoot the 544 I have, so I need to pick up one of those cheap used ones that I keep hearing about if I'm going to shoot a matched pair.

      And nobody's mentioned matched sets in .22 LR. For example, a nice Winchester 9422 and a Ruger Single Six...


    3. ==Dwight: Remington 341 Sportsmaster and a Colt Challenger here! I could loan Harvey my Ruger Standard to go with her 10/22...

      Hmmm... Marv has a Ruger Bearcat to go with his Savage 93F in .22 WMR.

  3. I was thinking about this recently and wondering if anybody makes a lever gun or bolt action in 9 mm or 45 acp - besides a Welrod or it's clones!

    1. The Welrod is a pistol. And (mostly) in .32 ACP.

      Are you thinking of the De Lisle?

    2. Yes, you are correct.
      I have on occasion wondered about a 45 acp or 9 mm non semiauto rifle, like the way Sako and Howa make a bolt action 7.62x39, or the lever actions mentioned above. I know that lever actions normally use rimmed ammo, but I don't know of a reason that they can't use rimless ammo.

    3. They make a 7.62x39mm Enfield that takes AK magazines in Vietnam that we can't get imported here...

      Browning's BLR, Savage's Model 99 and Winchester's Model 1895 both commonly used rimless rounds. It can't be anything but a lack of demand keeping 9x19 or 45 ACP from being used in a pistol caliber lever gun. It's not an impossible engineering challenge.

    4. Thanks. That is what I was thinking also.

  4. Glock 17 and Sub2000, complete with a pack of Glock 18 mags converted back to 31 rounds instead of 33 so they fit a classic Uzi mag pouch nicely.

  5. .44 Carbine (Ruger) & 29-3 (Smith).

  6. And I just sold the .45LC Henry -which BTW also eats .44 mags


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