24 January 2019

Unsurprising Bummer

It would appear Hudson Manufacturing, makers of the H9 might be in bankruptcy.



The entry on Wikipedia is not encouraging.

Even a small company with a problem free launch can just shrivel up and die.

A small company whose sole product turns out to have some major deficiencies that defy fixing with warranty service which gets slower and slower...

Just damn.

Looks like the H9 joins the R51 on the scrap pile of interesting but flawed pistols.


  1. Interesting, flawed and expensive......

  2. Okay. Been saying this everywhere. What's the design flaw?

    1. The three main complaints I've been reading have been the mag dropping all on its own, the striker not resetting and it not feeding.

      Also from reading complaints, these problems have been extremely resistant to being fixed.

  3. They are about 60 miles from here. Maybe if I get up towards Temple I can check to see what it looks like at their location.


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