21 January 2019

Pandering To My Readers

The same caliber rifle/pistol...  What is the proper term?  Battery?  Brace?

Anyways we found this lovely at the local pawn today:

In case you can't read the caliber on the ammo box.

It does mate well with the Auto-Ordinance M1 Carbine!

The carbine is just a bit more than double the weight of the revolver.  The revolver feels heavier in the hand though.

The Blackhawk is a 1969 made gun, which is the first year of actual production in this chambering with only one .30 Carbine being made in 1968.  This is amusing because Willard and I were just talking about how C&R is a rolling 50-year age.  This revolver will be C&R sometime this year.


  1. Please do a range report and tell us how many windows get blown out, and what the blast radius is?

    That's a nice looking set of guns you got there.

  2. I picked up a limited edition Blackhawk .32 H&R mag/.32-20 convertible from Buckeye Sports back in about 1988. I was thinking lately about getting a lever action .32-20 to go with it, but yikes. I'm not really into it enough to pay $1500+ for an old rifle. I could get a Henry Big Boy Classic in .327 Federal and shoot .32 H&R in it, but it wouldn't be quite the same as an old, pretty much obsolete cartridge......

  3. Color me jealous.
    I'd love to find a .30 Ruger 3-screw in a local pawn shop.

    Have fond memories of one.

  4. Just finished an Article in the May-June issue of American Handgunner magazine about this very thing. The author called a gun-store and the Owner said I have two 30 caliber carbines one is a Mannlicher stock M-! Carbine and the other was the Ruger Single Action. The owner asked him which one he wanted the author said both. I have a hankering now for both as well.


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