22 January 2019


I'm busy on Thursday evenings, so I was watching The Orville streamed from Fox TV's web page.

They have decided that I need to prove I'm paying someone to watch TV before I can do that now.

If this proof would lead to a commercial free experience on their stream, I might consider it; but it doesn't.

Fox, there are advertisers paying you to get me to watch their ads while your show runs.  If you don't let me watch the show, I won't be exposed to the ads and your advertisers don't get a chance to influence my purchase decisions.

What Fox has missed in this is that television shows are supposed to be entertainment, not work.  They've made viewing their show work.

To get me to work you have to pay me.  The value of this show is below my personal minimum wage.

Congratulations!  One less viewer.

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  1. That is a very good point ... sometimes verification goes to far and becomes a pain; I've seen that with services like AirBnB that use automated identity verification that fails with anything other than a perfect picture - the AI just isn't there yet for it, and they are NOT using it to make their service better but to meet a complaint or non-sensical legal mandate.


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