13 January 2019

You Don't Know What You're Talking About

Hey, Mr Millennial, when you're comparing a wall to defend our southern border from illegal entry by foreign nationals with The Berlin Wall...

I know something you can't know.

Because The Berlin Wall is gone.  Gone before you were born.

It was still there when I was stationed in Germany.  West Germany, something else that was gone before you were born.

The Berlin Wall was not built to keep East Germans OUT of West Berlin; it was made to keep them IN.

The fortified, mined and manned inter-German border was not made to keep East Germans OUT, it was made to keep them IN.

That might seem to be similar to the US/Mexico border.  We want to keep the Mexicans and South Americans IN Mexico and OUT of The USA...  In both cases the wall marks the divide between a better place and a shitty place.

The difference is in whom was building the wall.

The Communist nations built their wall to prevent escape from the shitty place, and anyone who managed to escape was welcomed.  They were never unwelcome in the west.

South Americans and Mexicans have worn out their welcome here.  They take jobs away from citizens, they drive down wages, they commit crimes...  We don't want them any more.

We want them to go home and not come back.

We're becoming OK with the idea of them getting killed for being here.  That they aren't already shows our restraint and respect for our own laws... but patience is wearing thin.  It won't be too long before we start asking, "If we can't have a wall, can we at least have some cluster bombing?"

Yes, that would be an invasion of Mexico.  We've done it before.  More than once, in fact.

Maybe we should roll the border down to Guatemala.  It'd be a shorter wall and we could take care of several other festering problems in Mexico while it is under military governorship.  I'd like to see what the cartels do with a real military shooting back.

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  1. The thought of pushing the southern border down farther to Guatemala is interesting, but Communist China has big money interests in Mexico and other Central and South American nations. So, well, no, no pushing.

    Now a punitive mission much like the Mex-American War or an upscaled Black Jack Pershing expedition? I could live with that.

    Do along the Mexican-American border what William the Bastard/Conqueror did along the Scottish border when King Malcolm got frisky. William lay waste to a 20 mile swath on the Scottish side of the border from English Channel to Irish Channel, with liberal burnings, killings, pillaging, saltings of the earth and a big message to "Try it again, Beyotch!" to Malcolm and the rest of the Scots. Worked, too.

    And, yes, everyone should know that the Berlin Wall was the outside of a giant prison, where everyone was equal (including some more equal than others) thanks to both Soviet oppression and the joys of Socialism, much like what Occasional-Cortex and the rest of the Dem power structure want us to have here (with them (the power structure) on top and the rest of us being the good socialist/communist proles that we're supposed to be.)

    Only idiots think the Berlin Wall was a good thing. But millennial and idiot are often synonyms of each other, so...

    Walls are good. Good for neighbors in the neighborhood. Good for nation-states both to slow down illegal crossings and to provide a definite visual point of 'Hey, Invader dude, you've gone too far...'


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