16 January 2019

Gun Free Zone

The Central Florida Comic Con don't want gunowner's filthy lucre.

So I shan't give them any.

I am sick of this shit.


  1. Dear God... that is going to be a clusterfuck... or desolation. And in Lakeland? LOL There will be people carrying concealed for sure.

  2. Umm, with all of those rules, what is the point of even having the con for most people? Many, many, many costumes involve weapons and going without make cosplay unrealistic. Many of the media productions involved show violence, weapons, and "hateful symbols" on one or both sides - with nothing bad as a counterpoint, good is pointless and uninteresting.
    I avoid attending events and places that require me disarming myself, or I ignore the signs - and if they aren't putting everybody through a metal detector, then the rules are pointless anyway.

    1. It's tempting to take a real broomhandle Mauser and doctor it like Han Solo's pistol and see if they approve it.

    2. The way I read the rules, you can't have anything even remotely lifelike, so I assume the only blaster they would allow is one obviously made of foam...

  3. Damn. There goes my LARPing as a Major League Baseball crossbow trombone player who's possessed by a devil, yep, a Damned Yankee. Dangit. Been working on the costume for over 14..... milliseconds and now my dreams are dashed.

    Triggered, positively triggered... about not being able to have things with triggers...



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