16 January 2019

It's Insulting

The Comic Con ban on weaponry insults me on two levels, but since it's shared with all gun grabbing nonsense, I decided to make a separate post.

The first insult from gun grabbers is the impugn that I am a criminal unless I can prove to their satisfaction that I am not.

The second is the assumption that nobody can be trusted with weapons inside the event.  Except that's not true, bet there's armed security and genuine state sanctified police on duty there.

Something else that bubbles up from gun-free zoning is there's never a guarantee of the customer's safety and quite often something in the attendance agreement that absolves the venue and event from liability from any harm done to you while attending.

Why should they worry that an attendee could be mugged, raped or murdered in the parking lot or restrooms when they're absolved from the repercussions?

The same thing applies to going to the courthouse or post office...


  1. Well, actually it is saying that only the designated special people are allowed weapons - I'm sure they wouldn't dream of prohibiting cops from being armed...
    They don't understand that a badge doesn't instantly transform a person into an all powerful paragon of virtue...

  2. Hey, let's create a highly publicized event full of fragile people and set up another Pulse Nightclub incident on steroids. Yay!

    Dumbasses. I try not to go anywhere that won't let me carry at least a knife anymore. One of these days I'll get the scratch for the CCW and the holster and the 'Hey, look at me, Fat Guy with Gun' tent cloths. And that will be just so many more places I won't thing about going to.

  3. This might be due to pressure from their insurance company.

    1. I. Do. Not. Care. Why.

      But since they managed to get absolution from any responsibility in the attendance agreement, what's left to insure? Read that thing sometime, they don't even have to hold the event and can keep your money for no reason at all.


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