31 January 2019

Rising To Murder

Being non-religious, I trend towards the pro-choice end of the spectrum.

I have, however, long held that once a fetus gets to the point where it can survive in the atmosphere and obtain sustenance through it's screaming little maw it's a people and killing it would be murder; even if it's still in the womb.

What the ever living FUCK, New York and Virginia?


  1. Demons. Demons are walking this earth.

    This makes me sick. What next, whacking people openly who are chronically ill, or old, or not of sound body and mind?

    And coming to Florida probably next year.

    How... progressive. Sounds like something from Woodrow Wilson, his administration and his German protégé. Funny little ex-corporal landscape painter guy...

  2. So how long after being born is too long, per these 'people'? A day after being born? A month? Can we go ahead and abort these politicians now?

  3. I used to be where you are about "once a fetus gets to the point where it can survive in the atmosphere" but became convinced that defining life that way ultimately makes the definition of life depend on the level of technology, which makes the decision point move continuously.

    In other words, do you accept that a baby in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is alive and worthy of protection? Maybe they can get by without a respirator, but have a lower chance of survival? If so, then what about a baby born the same amount premature in East Sh*tholia that doesn't have access to an NICU? Are they life? Almost certainly going to die, but some don't. I used to work with a woman who was born not much bigger than a kitten, but somehow able to get enough oxygen out of the air to not die. Her incubator was a shoebox with some torn towels in it. She grew to be a perfectly normal adult.

    Then what about the baby in the incubator that does need help breathing? You're saying they're not alive? If doctors come up with a way of caring for them that makes survival virtually assured, are they alive then?

    And so on, back to a freshly fertilized egg.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Vicious, knee-jerk, Thag is an ASSHOLE! response deleted.

      SiG, if you saw it before I deleted the stupid shit I was saying... It was stupid shit and should be disregarded.


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